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MeetZone - on-line video conferences


MeetZone is a browser-based software that allows you to instantly set up  a conference in the Web. You can use your microphone or webcam, share documents on a white board, share your screen or record meetings.

MeetZone implements the following features:

Audio and Video Conferencing


There are four options to use MeetZone audio/video funktions, wich you can select during a meetings session.

picture only

video only

audio only

audio + video

Additional you can change video-/audio-quality, resize webcam size and choose your input devices.

Meeting recording and Screen sharing



Recorded sessions can be downloaded as AVI/FLV files.

Possibility to select a screen area for sharing.

Different quality steps for Screensharing.

File Explorer



Advanced File-Explorer, Drag and Drop Interface for managing files, including the possibility to create a document tree with folders.

Private and Public Drive in File-Explorer. The File-Explorer has two different views, one is the *Private Drive* and the other the *Public Drive*. The Private Drive always contains the same files. Those files are visible only to the user currently loggedin. The Public Drive is not bound to the user, but to the conference room instead. All users in the conference room have access to the Public Drive.

Moderating System


During a conference, the moderater can adjust the user permission to every user individually.

Allow/Deny moderation

Allow/Deny to draw on whiteboard

Allow/Deny screenshare/record screen

Allow/Deny Remote Control Screen

(Re-) Start Audio, Video or Device settings.

Chat and whiteboarding


Multi-Whiteboard, you can add new whiteboard instances, each whiteboard can have the full range of tools and documents inside.

Save whiteboards. You can save each whiteboard instance as a file. The file is located in the File-Explorer and can be drag&drop’ed and organized like any other document, image or folder.

Whiteboard with drawing, writing, Drag&Drop, Resizing, Images (Drag&Drop from Library), Symbol(s).

Full-fit does rescale the document on the screen to be 100% visible on all screens no matter what kind of screen resolution different users have.

Private message center



Send users messages and organize them in folders.

You can book conference rooms by sending private messages. The booked event automatically is in your and the participants calendar, changes to that event will be populated to all users booked to the event.

User contacts, you can search users and add them to your contacts. You can even give them the right to see your calendar




Plan your conferencing and invite attendees from MeetZone or External.

The invited attendees will recieve an E-mail with details to the meetings and a link with a secure hash to the conference room.

Share your calendar with your contacts.

Polls and Votes



You can create a pool with yes/no or 1-10 questions, let the user vote and see the voting results.


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